Email Lisa About Author Lisa Rivard children's book reviews by Author Lisa Rivard List of events for I am Stumped home All Aiden wants to do is play with his friends, but his name starts with the wrong letter, he’s wearing the wrong color, and he’s eating the wrong food. He’s so confused that he’s stumped! Lisa Rivard creatively shows kids how to get along and reminds them that three is not a crowd. This book has a very powerful message about anti-bullying and helping kids to be empathetic towards others.




About Author Lisa Rivard

I Heart Writing Author Lisa Rivard
Lisa Rivard was raised by her parents in New Baltimore,
Michigan, Along with her two sisters. Throughout her life
she has enjoyed working with children in many different
capacities including as a teacher, coach, and principal . She
earned her degree from Michigan State University and her administration degree from Oakland University.
Most recently Lisa completed a PhD in instructional
technology from Wayne State University. Currently, Lisa
is employed as a Language Arts Consultant and assists
regional schools in developing effective literacy plans.
It has been Lisa's lifelong dream to become an author of
children's books.
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