Email Lisa About Author Lisa Rivard children's book reviews by Author Lisa Rivard List of events for I am Stumped home All Aiden wants to do is play with his friends, but his name starts with the wrong letter, he’s wearing the wrong color, and he’s eating the wrong food. He’s so confused that he’s stumped! Lisa Rivard creatively shows kids how to get along and reminds them that three is not a crowd. This book has a very powerful message about anti-bullying and helping kids to be empathetic towards others.

Praise for I Am Stumped! By Lisa Rivard
" A broken friendship hurts and leaves one feeling miserable. I Am Stumped! provides readers with insight on how to use problem-solving strategies to repair broken friendships."
~Sue Ann Sharma, PhD, President, Michigan Reading Association

"The book teaches kids not to be mean to others and to try and work problems out by themselves. I Am Stumped! also shows how everyone can get along and play together ~Sidney, age 9, fourth grader

"I Am Stumped! is a book children worldwide can relate to in their everyday lives. It not only presents and solves a common problem of today, but models the lifelong skill of communication between children, adults, and peers. Most importantly, it encourages children to talk through and solve a problem with a friend."
~Kathleen Melillo, Grade 5 teacher, Leipzig International School, Germany

"Macomb Literacy Partners highly recommends I Am Stumped! for young children and their families. Lisa Rivard has addressed an important topic for children and adults alike␣being more respectful of people and our friends. We look forward to promoting this book in our family literacy initiatives throughout Macomb County
~Ken Lampar, Director, Macomb Literacy Partners, Michigan

"Wow! Good story theme. I can't think of anything more important to elementary -aged children than peer relationships in creating a positive learning environment in school! I love how the story shows the important role adults play in conflict resolution situations between children. This story is an excellent discussion starter for any anti-bullying program for elementary schools"
~Craig Christensen, Retired Elementary School Principal

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